Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sharing Animation - Orgesticulanismus (Mathieu Labaye, 2008)

For this week's sharing animation I'm here to share with you one of the most amazing animations I've ever seen. This is a very well done animation with a very deep and honest meening and inspiration.

The author is the belgian Mathieu Labaye and his beautiful piece has the name of Orgesticulanismus.

The animation was done in memory of Labaye's father, who suffered of multiple sclerosis and was confined to a wheel chair since he was 40 years old. As I see it, the animation is really a shout of defiance against his father's inability. It's definitely a great use of the art of movement to cheat the prison of movement restraints. It's a beautiful way to set him free.

The animation starts with a speech made by Mathieu's father, talking about his inability with his own photos fading in the background. Then there are some very mathematic schemes of movements, showing the most banal of day to day tasks (wich is very well achieved because not even those very common things can be done by a disabled person, showing the grade of dependence).
Then he just "set him free" in a wild dance with all the movements a man can and can't do.
In the final part the liberty is still being explored, the movement still free. Labaye created a space for reflection.

In his father's words, the only way to survive is re-creating an inner space that sets him free. And this is the way his son Mathieu visualised it.

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