Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Grand Official Opening (December 1, 2011)

So here it is! My Blog ready to be thrown in the mouth of the people (Portuguese joke =P)

It took me a while to accomplish this (at least today's whole day! (12/01/2011)) but I'm ready to try and atract people to be tuned to my blog!

So be most welcome to everything in this Blog and feel free to comment, feedback, like and dislike anything here! Your words are of great importance to me and the development of this little side-project of mine.

Be sure you check out everything in here (read author notes in the side bar)!

My Animation Work with all my animations to date
My short explanation for why my passion for animation
The sharing animation page where you can found every week a new animation I select and post here
The book resource page
and the Animation conversations where everyone is welcome to talk about anything at all related with animation and comment. If you would like me to post about something related to animation so it can be an actual issue here, post a comment in one of my posts that I'll do my best to do so, someday I'm thinking on creating a e-mail if necessary for this reason. And you just want to share something with me or anyone that reads it, post a comment about it!

Well... I guess that's it! Hope you enjoy!

Animation is Awesome! Enjoy it!

(Just a little something I made with an animated piece I had of mine)

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