Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Animations - Paper Cut Animation

This one was another try, now out of the workshop, with the paper cut thing. So this time I tried to have a story to tell, so I created something allusive to a character.

This character have the power of animation inside himself, so he moves, everthing else around him doesn't. It's like... He has this magic inside him, that makes it possible for him to move. He has a power to give that magic to other objects, so they can move too, but when he does he notices that he loses part of that inner power out of him. I like to imagine him as what's behind all the animations in the world. There's something invisible and magical that gives away their movement so things that animators create are able to move. So for each animation ever created, there was a little guy like this one, that gave away his power to make the illusion of life possible. The miracle of birth for animations! =P hahaha yeah you know, I just had to make a little story, so... =)

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