Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Animations - Sand Workshop

This one was another weekend workshop, now experiencing animation with sand. I never actually liked sand animation, in fact, there is only one or maybe two sand animations to date that I saw and can say that I enjoy. So if there is anyone out there who know of an astonishing sand animation, please post a comment with the name or the link to it. I would very much appreciate it.

So my animation had a little narrative. A guy is killed, and is at the Limbo, inside a canoe in the river. He touches it and the Limbo itself appear like a mirage, being cuted by the canoe... haha

I guess it's hard to understand without the explanation, but well, we were more concerned with the animation technique then with the narrative. Animated in pairs again, and in my vimeo page, credited as it should.

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