Thursday, December 1, 2011

My animations - Little Rubber

This was my first animation where I actually had a character to animate! I created the character, with Model Sheet and all, designed the background, created the story and the storyboard and then animated it.
Since I didn't know how to make the rubber actually erase something from the background (since the letters were drawn in the actual Background) I had to photoshop frame by frame when the rubber erased a letter. That's why I didn't do it when she is in front of them and is kinda transparent, didn't have the time to photoshop frame by frame the whole animation.

I remember being very proud of it when I delivered the exercise, but still, nowadays so many thing I could have done better! I guess this will always happen, since I plan to be always improving!

And yes, in the end there is something writen in the paper along with the book's side. Lame as it is, it says: "I love to animate". Give me a break, my life passion was just being discovered! =P

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