Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Animations - Doll From the Past

This piece is part of a bigger story. In this exercise we were given a exerpt of a book, with no knowledge of what came before or what was going to happen after that exerpt. That was just a piece for inspiration.

So we had to write down another narrative from that. Mine were a story about a dwarf that was a slave to this girl. She was something like a princess, ignored by her parents, and the dwarf was her entertainment and company. But he hated it. This princess had a kitty doll that was with her all the time. So she grew up, and married some guy and had to leave home. The shot I made was the girl bagging her stuff to leave, when she finds her old kitty doll and have a moment of nostalgia to quickly forget it. All in the point of view of the dwarf, now old and tired. There's more to it in the story, but it doesn't make any sense telling it here. =P

This was my first try animating in full 24 frames per second. Also I had, once again, to photoshop the background frame by frame so she wouldn't be transparent. I had a digital colored version of the background, but since I redesigned it for the actual animation, I didn't paint it again. So here is the animation.

And here is the coloured background along with other backgrounds sketches.

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