Monday, April 30, 2012

Sharing Animation - Creature Comforts (Aardman Animation - Nick Park, 1989)

Hello again!
Since today I'm feeling humorous, I'm bringing to you a very fun animation. After the original animation was released a television advertisement and a whole two season series were made in the same line, such was the success. The studio itself is today a very well recognized animation studio that brings to us the most of the mosts, when it comes to stop motion animation.

The studio is of course Aardman Animation and the animation is Creature Comforts by Nick Park.

The thing about this animation is that the voices are all recorded from the British public. It's a thrill to watch how a simple interview is interpreted and actually twisted to fit as the animals speaking. Every single shot is embebed with creativity and imagination.

HERE you go to the official Aardman website (there's a teaser of their last feature film The Pirates - Band of misfits).

Nick Park is only the creator behind Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep. No wonder this animation is so cool!

So here you go, the original animation short, Creature Comforts by Nick Park and Aardman Animation.

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See you next week for another inspiring animation!

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  1. I think this is pretty cool, really. Never heard of it tho, but I'm not british and it must have been on tv AGES ago since it was published in 1989 (you know what I mean, Rodrigo, right?:PP).
    I really like that idea of changing the meaning of an inverview by setting it up in a different context. I think it's got potential to express more political meanings as well.