Monday, April 2, 2012

My Animations - The Moral of the Story

This semester in university I managed to get into a project that will make me animate in 3D (my ultimate goal), as a sort of a training! So, basically what I proposed to do is animate every month until the end of the semester to the 11secondclub contest! And I made my first line animation last month, March competition.

Now, I know my animation doesn't deserve to win the competition, far from it I'm aware. But I was really glad with the result mainly because it was my first 3D animation on my own! I tried to take everything I've read and watched about (and the time I had) into action and make my own animation.

I had some difficulties. Technical issues. First of all a problem with the rig (the doll, so to speak), because I wanted the hand to stay still in his leg, but every time I moved a shoulder, chest, etc the damn hand would leave the place I wanted it to be. But it made me learn about IK and FK (just some 3D animation talk, if you don't know what that is and you're not really an animator or want to learn, don't mind those) Thanks for Vedanth Rajan for that! A very helpful student that I've met.
Then I didn't add much of a scenary, but I wasn't too worried about that, trying to focus completely in the animation itself. Finally, after I submited my animation to 11secondclub site, and watched all of the entries (390 entries this month) I figured my acting choices were very... well... cliche! So I'll try harder to make something more original next month.

So here it is, my latest work!