Monday, April 16, 2012

Sharing Animation - 12 Drawings a Day - an animated diary (Denis Chapon, 2011))

Today I come share with you a very interesting project. So this guy, Denis Chapon had this idea of creating an short animation making 12 drawings each day. Without major narrative concerns, sound concerns (I'm quite sure with a loose project like this he added the sound later just to give some more life to it) or even much of presentation concerns, he just kept drawing 12 drawings, every day, for three years!

For me there are so many aspects of this project that are so captivating. It's quite an inspiring project, for me mostly because of it's "straight forwardness"! And the fact that he uses a non-erasable pen in every drawing really shows his superb drawings skills! And the reutilization of used paper just gives an even more sketchy aura to the whole thing!
I love to watch what was printed firstly in those papers, poping every different drawing, almost as an animation ifself! I also love the very well done animation, the appealing drawings and the drawings dates written in the lower right corner of every paper, also changing, now at every 12 drawings.

If my purpose for these sharings are inspiring all of you who enjoy watching them, this is certainly one inspiring piece of art!

So enjoy 12 Drawings a Day - an animated diary, by Denis Chapon.

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See you next week with another inspiring animation project!

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