Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sharing Animation - Repete (Michaela Pavlátová, 1995)

For the actual sharing of the week, this week I come to you with a high recommended animation. At least in my fine-art/animation studies it was!

This is an animation that also explores the simplicity of drawing in advantage of the powerful narrative. And it really has a powerful story telling. It's funny, because I've hear so many professor talking about this animation, and I've watched so many times that now I have a complete black out and don't have much to talk about it! =P

Anyways, the animation is Repete by the Czech author Michaela Pavlátová.

This one talks a lot about our lives, and has a great amount of thought in it. It's one of those pieces that makes you think about your own life.

HERE you can find Pavlátová official website.

I feel the words are stuck inside me today, I'll stop with the worthless speach and give you the animation already!

So enjoy this great animation, Repete by Michaela Pavlátová!

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See you next week for another inspirational animation!

No copyright and related rights infringements are intended with these sharings, all these animations are properties from their respective authors or studios always credited in the post.

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