Monday, May 7, 2012

Animarun - 48h animation marathon!

This weekend I participated in a marathon in which me and my lovely group of three other animation students had to create an animation film in 48 hours straight!

It was a great experience although unfortunately our group couldn't manage to deliver it on time, maybe because we tried to make an animation with too much quality for the time we had, among other technical issues and complications.

But it was certainly almost completed, actually only editing and sound editing and render was lacking, all the animation was done, or so we thought. Because for some freak saving problems, we ended up with the final part of our animation, that took like 6 massive hours to make, completely messed up.

Anyway, the thing is that me and my group have the intention to finish it in the next 2 weeks, so it will screen in animation festivals and be presented by the school that hosted the contest. So with some work, very soon I'll be posting it in the blog!

For the two hours that I slept in the ground, I think I'll be very proud to show it.

Another animation experience! Many more to come!
weeeehooooyeyhey! =)

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