Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sharing Animation - Screen Play (Barry Purves, 1992)

Today I was with some freaky excitement about stop motion animation, I was even looking for prices to buy one to try some myself (I added the link of the stop motion site where I found the puppets in the awesome animation link list down below), and so, I figured I should share with you a stop motion puppet animation!

And for that I'll refer to one of the bests (if not the best), one great artist that I've shown here before with the animation short "Next". Barry Purves with another genious animation, Screen Play.

As I sad in the last post it's quite curious how he represent his animations in actual stages, and this one is even more evidently a play, since it has a narrator (voice: Michael Maloney) and a beautiful movable stage. This was another highly awarded animation, and surely a deserving one. You may notice that until the animation reaches more than nine minutes, I doesn't have a single 'cut', it's the same shot for almost the whole short, really like we're in a theater, and astonishing work by the animator.

I guess all I can say is for you to watch! Enjoy it very much! I would love to have a puppet like that to play around!

Screen Play by Barry Purves:

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See you next week with another exciting animation!

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