Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sharing Animation - Donald in Mathmagic Land (Luske, Reitherman, Meador and Clarks - Walt Disney Studios, 1959)

Hello there again!

As promised I bring for the sharing a more cheerful animation! A nostalgic one again! I just love this one! It's incredible and funny and... well you got the idea.

Directed by masters like Les Clarks, Joshua Meador, Wolfgang Reitherman and Hamilton Luske (the most animation addicted know where it comes from by now), here it is, Donald in Mathmagic Land, for the magic people at Disney.

Well, about the animation there's not much to say, you all know their work right?
I just love it, so I hope you'll enjoy it!

Supervised by Luske, directed by Les Clarks, Meador and Reitherman, here is Donald in Mathmagic land.

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See you next week with another amazing animation!

No copyright and related rights infringements are intended with these sharings, all these animations are properties from their respective authors or studios always credited in the post.

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