Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Animations - Ruínas - A 48h Animation Marathon

As I've posted a few days ago, I participated in a marathon in which I had to create an animation in 48 hours straight along with my other three classmates.

We thought about finishing it (we were given a deadline until 22 of May to finish it if we wanted/could), but we were all very busy with university and other works, that we couldn't manage to complete it.

Also, as I sad in the earlier post, we actually finished all the animation for this very short film, but we had serious unfortunate technical issues with the final editing, but we still had two render that we made out for testing, one with sound and the other a low quality render with the short almost complete but with no sound and still some errors.

So since we're probably not finishing it, I wanted to add this here, because it was a good concept animation and with a good visual. We had a lot of work thinking and creating this animation, and the two hours I got to sleep that weekend certainly paid off (at least in my perspective).

Here it is, created with Leonor Pacheco, Diogo Simões and António Silva, the unfinished 'Ruínas'.

A little bit about the animation:
Our theme was to show how the individual effort can't get the results expected, but only when the whole decides to cooperate and work together, that everything is doable, perceptible and meaningful.
Yes, yes, it's rather a cliché idea, that's why we worked mostly in How to show it in a different manner. We called it an "Avatar" look to it, since the movie Avatar is mostly amazing for it's unique way to tell the same story told so many times before.
In the end it's a minimalist, mosaic designed, way to show how even the human being in its foundations can't work if each part decided to work by itself. If each muscle goes his own way we couldn't even manage to read each other's feelings. It was made based in the today's difficult times of crisis all over the world and those who think that they're fine, while helping only themselves.
Anyway, at the end, the face would give a huge laugh expressing a real feeling that was contained for so long, showing how when it all work together, an expression can be seen and felt and recognized. (the part that so unfortunately gave us trouble when editing.)

The first sound test we rendered:

And the low quality render with the animation almost completed.

It was actually very unfortunate, really, that we couldn't finish it, but still, knowing how much effort, thought and mostly the deep meaning that we were able to put down in this project, I'm very proud of our team.

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