Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sharing Animation - Ring of Fire (Andreas Hykade, 2000)

For this week Sharing Animation I come to you with an short animation with a very particular graphism. In fact, the artist himself has a very particular style.

Andreas Hykade is a well recognised animator who created quite a few awarded animations. And the one I'm going to share today (surely there will be more in the future)  is Ring of Fire, released in 2000.

This short has a complex mood, with it's color or lack of it, the voiceover, the story. It all come together greatly as a unified whole.

It was animated by Andreas Hykade himself, along with Ged Haney and Anita Ortega. The short was made in Coprodution with Studio FILM BILDER.

In spite of the crude images, the short has a very well thought meaning and story, and the whole animation is a thrill to watch.

HERE you can find Andreas Hykade's official website, where you can find his biography and the info about some other productions he has been part of.

Enjoy this awesome animation, Ring of Fire by Andreas Hykade.

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See you next week for another animation!

No copyright and related rights infringements are intended with these sharings, all these animations are properties from their respective authors or studios always credited in the post.

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  1. I really enjoyed the animation! I think I'm gonna watch again and again :) I love it's graphics and aesthetics so much. I'm not that happy about it's black and white meaning. I guess, the animation is trying to be a little bit patronizing- I don't like that. having said that, I still appreciate how this simple story (for instance, I mean typical gender representations) is told- nicely poetic and sensual. Looking forward to see your post next week :*** take care, sweetheart :)