Friday, February 10, 2012

Sharing Animation - David (Paul Driessen, 1977)

This week I'm presenting yet a different artist than the ones before. And also a very different animation itself.

When you see the drawing made by Paul Driessen you may thing that they are rough and not solid at all. You can see that he may have difficulties in his drawing. But the great thing about this artist is that he takes that rough drawing as granted and explores it to make his own style!

Paul Driessen has indeed his very own style that many have also explored. His simplicity is compensated with his story telling, composition of the whole film and even his remarkable and unique animation.

The 1977 animation David was the first Driessen animation I've seen, and it amazed me by it's simplicity in animation that, as you'll see, there isn't much. But still it's a short film worth watching. It's a wonderful film for and about little people.

HERE you can see Driessen's official website.

So enjoy this very amusing piece, David by Paul Driessen:

"Isn't it horrible, my boy? How easily big creatures spoil the lives of the small?... Crunch!"

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See you next week for another great animation!

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