Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sharing Animation - Seiltänzer (Raimund Krumme, 1986)

I'm so late!

My life with university and all is very busy, so I've been skipping the weekly animations, and I feel that's just wrong.

So for this half week late animation sharing I come to you with a very "simple" project, but yet full of life. The name is Seiltanzer by the award-winning German director, Raimund Krumme. It was his first original animation, in 1986.

The simple lines and design are very caracteristic of Krumme. Also the way he play with the lines and with metamorphosis can be widely seen in his work.

I tried but I couldn't manage to find an official website for the artist, but HERE and HERE you can see some info about him in the AWN website, and HERE you can see some more info in the ACME filmworks website.

I personally love when animation keeps surprising us in terms of material and space relation of the objects. In this piece, a simple hand-drawn square can be a lot of different things!

Nothing better than you watch it! Enjoy, Seiltanzer by Raimund Krumme.

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See you next week (erm... I mean, this week!) for another impressive and surprising animation!

No copyright and related rights infringements are intended with these sharings, all these animations are properties from their respective authors or studios always credited in the post.

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