Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sharing Animation - Duck Amuck (Chuck Jones - Warner Bros. Cartoons, 1953)

Hello Again!

For this week's animation sharing I'll be adding a very well known cartoon to the list! Until now I've been sharing animations that are mostly author's works, but today I come with a big studio cartoon that is very cool for the animation studies and research!

The animations is the 1953 Duck Amuck, directed by Chuck Jones, written by Michael Maltese, voiced by Mel Blanc and produced by Warner Bros. Cartoons.

This is so special because it's an animation that talks about animation itself. There's nothing like the creators wanting to show the rest of the world how a cartoon, and such a distinctive personality from a cartoon character, are made. It's very cool to distinguish the different types of artists and professionals that an animated film requires. And Chuck Jones did that wonderfully in this animation.

HERE you can find it's IMDB page. HERE the WB's offical web site and HERE the WB cartoon collection's web page.

It's a very entertaining and joyful piece, so enjoy!

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See you next week for another awesome animation!

No copyright and related rights infringements are intended with these sharings, all these animations are properties from their respective authors or studios always credited in the post.

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  1. Hi there! Thank you for that funny animation :)I love old animations! I like the game of constantly reversing roles. Who's in charge? the duck- something you've already created or the artist's mind? and is there any real distinction between them at all? It just brings one thing to my mind- when you're trying to fall asleep and you can't stop thinking about stupid stuff. And then you say 'brain, just stop playing with me' :))