Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sharing Animation - Next (Barry Purves, 1989)

For this (late) week animation sharing I bow to a very very good master stop-motion puppets animator. He has some other incredible works and I'll definetely talk more about him in the future.

But today I come with the one called Next, from the respectable master animator, Barry Purves.

Next was the first animation written and directed (aswell as animated) by Purves, released in 1989. After many years animating for others, he engaged himself in this very ambicious project and I call it ambicious because he chose to represent the "Complete Works" (37 stories) of William Shakespeare in an empty stage, exploring, in his words, body language, taking the puppet to it's limit.

It's amazing to watch how Purves makes many of his animations as actual theater's plays. His use of the stage as the only scenary and the front camera really makes us, viewers, feel as in a theater. But animations are real plays, they are all carefully staged and rehearsed, and we actually are viewers sitting down and watching it. He just makes the connection between animation and real acting even more obvious. No wonder he works in real plays aswell.

Click HERE to access his official website.

His latest animation is called Tchaikovsky. I'm certainly dying to watch it. HERE and HERE you can watch a teaser and the trailer.

So here it is, Next by Barry Purves:

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See you next week for another incredible play!

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