Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sharing Animation - Manipulation (Daniel Greaves, 1991)

I always loved animations that not only tells a narrative but also talks about animation itself. Animations that really show the process, the making of, the material, the essence of animation and present it in a way that it seems we're looking at the animator doing his job!

And on top of all that, what makes the "Illusion of life", persued by all animations, more real then having the life form creation interacting with his creator, the animator? There are tons of animations interacting with his creator, but this one is certainly one of the bests, if only for winning the 1992 Oscar for the best animated short.

The british author, name: Daniel Greaves, and his award winner piece, name: Manipulation.

Here it is, the very amusing animation:

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See you next week for yet another awesome piece of animation!

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