Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Animations - Five

Here is another project I've been working on.

This is a 20 seconds part of a whole 5 minutes animation project (the biggest I've ever written so far). This semester in university we had to write, storyboard, test, change, test, change again, etc, and make 20 seconds of one big animation. It's a pity that during the semester I don't actually have to finish all the projects I start, since here we were learning to create, produce, direct, and all the rest, a whole short, and one semester is not enough time to finish it.
I see that this is good for learning, but the truth is that I end up with a bunch of unfinished works. When we are done starting and developing it through it's first steps, we already have another project to do, so we kinda have to let the last one as it is. But who knows, right? Maybe in the future, if I manage to make the time, I'll finish it!

This was done in tradicional animation, digitally painted in photoshop. The background has a paper texture. It has an intended rigid and trembled animation style, not at all like Disney's animations.

In very short, the story is about the greed for power and recognition among a society. The five characters, the society, all start as equals, but by various reasons and motivations their importance in the group vary and a hierarchy of recognition is created. With hierarchy comes social difference and more power to some means less power to others. In the end it's a game of power and greed among them, the society that quickly forgets that they were all equals.

This 20 second part (really the introduction and the beginning of the whole thing) shows how the first one emerge just by having the initiative to find food. He would start eating it and the others, showing hunger, would respect him and allow him to be their leader in exchange for food. Since it's an important factor for life the others will respect him for being the provider. So he'll be the first one to grow in the eyes of the society, and in the animation he would physically grow.

Ow, and the name was not quite chosen yet. Five because there's five of them! =P


  1. Está excelente!! congratsss :)

  2. I really like the video and I'm glad evetually I find some time to have a look at it. I really appreaciate the style of drawing, it's nicely simple which, I believe, is useful and important for the whole story (equality, simplicity of the very fist human communities). Best luck with Your work! I looking forward to see following parts of the animation! :))