Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pixar Storytelling Rules Videos by Bloop Animation

Although all the attention surrounding the "Pixar Storytelling Rules" because, well, it has Pixar written on it, these rules as many others have commented, are not exactly Pixar rules, but just good storytelling.
But nevertheless I believe it is a good list to have in mind and really understand what it means when it comes to creating our own stories.

Bloop Animation has a great channel on youtube, and a cool website, and even free books! Besides it's always really fun to find other people who are totally passionate about animation and film-making as we are!

They started a while ago and finished recently a collection of videos talking about the "Pixar Storytelling Rules" and what I found awesome are the examples they gave in the Pixar movies themselves to explain each rule.
They are short and easy to watch, so enjoy!

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