Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sharing Animation - Blinkity Blank (Norman McLaren, 1955)

Back to the sharing and back to the classics!

The National Film Board of Canada is, until today, one place that experimental animation come to life. You have really high chances of running into one of their funded films if you go to an international animation festival like in Annecy. Great filmmakers, artists, who take animation one step forward, can grow there.

He showed us how animation is all about manipulating images, frame by frame, into a film that can be played in the correct speed and create... well, magic! I say this, because his work includes drawing animation, stop motion, pixilation, or even modifying live footage.

I shall not get too long over McLaren, mostly because it's not the first time I share one of his movies.

Blinkity Blank is a short movie that explores the Persistence of Vision with drawings engraved directly onto black film, and sounds as a combination of improvisational Jazz by composer Maurice Blackburn and his technique of also scratching directly onto film on the sound optical column.

A true classic from a true pioneer!
Blinkity Blank by Norman McLaren

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