Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sharing Animation - Gertie the Dinossaur (Winsor McCay, 1914)

Here we are for another short animation for you to enjoy, and since last week I posted a recent one (2010 Love & Theft), today I'm posting a really old one (actually, the oldest in my list!)

So, as a really old one, and really influential one, I wish I could give it a special attention and really enhance the incredible work this animator did. His name is Winsor McCay and this animation is called Gertie the Dinosaur.

Before this animation, McCay had already done two other animations, one called "Little Nemo" (which Google celebrated in a Doodle this week) and other called "The Story of a Mosquito". This last one had a problem with the audience, that tought the mosquito was moving through wires (imagine in the very early 1990's thinking that was actually a moving drawing). So in the next animation McCay decided to animate a dinossaur, to prove his drawings were moving.

Ten thousand drawings of Gertie were done for this animation. This is the first time a character is actually given life in a screen, with real emotions and real responces that people recognize and have empathy.

After this animation he made several other animations, including another one with Gertie in 1921, but this one went out to be his masterpiece and one of the most influential animations of all time.

Enjoy Gertie the Dinossaur by Winsor McCay.

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See you next week with another influential animation!

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