Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sharing Animation - The Hat (Michèle Cournoyer, 1999)

Lately I've been thinking more than usual about adult content (meaning the whole range of material that isn't considered for children, and not just sex or violence) in animation and how unfortunate it is that animation is considered mainly a children audience medium. It's clear that a lot of animators and directors enjoy the thought of an animated film more directed to adult audiences, and you can actually see some examples of that, but you might agree that most of them are either japanese or sometimes french. But still I can't help but feeling that so many good story opportunities and good films, theoretically, are lost because of that... should we call it a stereotype? And this is a pretty well known subject inside the industry as well...

... which brings me to my sharing! I had this one saved for a long time, it's a brilliant short, but as you can see, this kind of movies are made in a quite experimental way. Do you think it might happen to be produced a mainstream, animated movie 'for adults' anytime soon?

The not so recent animation short, The Hat, by Michèle Cournoyer.

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See you soon with another cool animation!

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