Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Professional Work - Doctorhome TV Commercial by Black Ink Productions (May 2014)

This is my third professional work on animation! A short commercial.

This time the client was DoctorHome, a medicinal platform. The production company was once again Black Ink Productions!

Now this was my first professional project since I finished Animation Mentor, and it was exciting to really feel as a professional at work. But this was a very short gig I must say, only 4 days of work, working around 10 hours a day. And I animated every character (and the helicopter sort).

It was a fun project, there was a main character, but there was to be a lot of background characters, and it was really fun creating them! Just thinking of very short animations to be reproduced and fill up the backgrounds! I think I'm more proud of some of those background character animations than the main characters at some points, but you can hardly see them! Valuable lesson though, I think everything should be well done, even if it won't be seen much.

Again I thank Manuel Santiago and Black Ink Prods for calling me to help in this project!

Here's the final video!

One more, hoping for many others!

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