Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Animations - Final Show Reel: the end of Animation Mentor Character Curse!

I've been skipping this for a LONG time now, my progress from Animation Mentor doubled since the last time I posted something in here, but this is it! I finished the Character Animation Course! After the last year and a half I've been animating my heart out and learning all sort of cool stuff from this amazing mentors, whom I'm gonna list in a little bit, and tried my best to develop my skill to get into the animation industry out there!

First and foremost, I shall thank and bow to my mentors:

Class 1: Anthony Wong
Class 2: Marlon Nowe
Class 3: Drew Adams
Class 4: David Weatherly
Class 5: Nicole Herr
Class 6: Jay Davis

It's funny, ever since I started learning about acting in Class 4, for some reason I stopped posting my progress in here. Maybe it's because the overload of work and new things I was learning!!! And truth be told, it was harsh and I was hard at work the whole time! Acting is tough, and all of a sudden, animation got MUCH harder as well. But man, I had some great mentors to help me out along the way.
Being stuck at home working full time isn't an easy way to do it either. I struggled for quite a bit during this period but fortunately I ended up finding my inspiration, will to work and the thought that I will not ever give up on reaching that dream job kept me going.

So here it is! My final show reel, ready to go out there and hopefully impress recruiters enough so they give me my big chance to prove myself in a production environment. Now don't think that I'm just gonna be sitting around and waiting for the miracle to come to me. I will continue hands on in my work and keep getting better and better. This is my 'just out of school' reel, but many more new things are yet to come!

I'm very proud of what I've accomplished so far, but I'm well aware that my road is still big ahead of me, and I still have so much to learn.

Behold a future character animator first big step.

Many steps still to make. But one closer.
Thanks to my dad for all the support he's been giving me. Without him I would be learning this all by myself and certainly be way behind of where I stand now.

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