Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Animations - Animation Mentor Class 03: Advanced Body Mechanics

Another term, another progress Reel!! Class 3 in Animation Mentor surely had as much fun as hard work!

My mentor this term was another great animator, this time from Dreamworks, called Drew Adams. In Dreamworks he worked in Kung Fu Panda 2, Puss in Boots, Rise of the Guardians and The Croods. Prior to that he have done some pretty cool stuff as well, like animate on 9, and in the game Call of Duty: Finest Hour. Also worked in 2D as an "inbetweener" in Atlantis, Treasure Planet and Home on the Range! Such a nice career!

Anyway, in Animation Mentor they started with a new program that is collaborative work among classes. Which means, that me and the rest of my class (being mentored and directed by Drew) we worked out a complete sequence (a very very short short, one and a half minutes). So for this term I have 2 new shots, a quick one, made just to get the engines started, and then we started pitching out ideas for our little story. My story actually won the voting process, although in the end we changed it quite a bit, so I don't even consider it mine, I consider it a story made by all of us.

This shot I made was the last shot of the sequence and it was the biggest shot I've ever made. Well, in Animation Mentor anyway. But unfortunately, due to some personal issues, I didn't manage to finish the polish phase completly, that's why the shot is not rendered and it's not so easy to look at as the other one =)

I'll finish it soon enough, right now I'm concentrating on the 4th term already, and this one surely will be a big challenge, since we're starting with the very important art of ACTING! Now things really start to get interesting, and difficult and subjective and... I'm so excited!

Ow, and another thing, I animated both shots with one of the new characters from animation mentor, my dear Stella! The only problem with this one, are the pony tails. Well, not a problem, more like a time consuming issue. But I loved animating her!

Here we go, I hope you enjoy it!

This time I wish you all a happy summer, and enjoy the sun for me! (I won't be seeing much of it!)

See you in 3 more months!

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