Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sharing Animation - Music Video - The Music Scene (Anthony Schepperd, 2009)

Continuing the animated music video fever, today I'll share yet another completely mind blowing project!

It's funny because this music video is from the same year as my last sharing, and also I saw them both for the first time in the same day! Obviously my professor has very good taste!

The name of this one is The Music Scene, by a band called Blockhead and made by the genious artist Anthony Francisco Schepperd.

He has a very unique visual approach, and as he says: "Animation gives us the rare opportunity to spill our most coveted attribute, the imagination.", and he does! It's always a beautiful thing when someone uses animation to do something that only this wonderful craft can create, and he definetely takes it far, far away! I simply love the sketch-like drawings that he leave as it is, and of course, the bright colors couldn't suit it better! And it's very clear that he is a great draftsman!

He has made many different projects, but the ones that he stands out the most are the music videos.
HERE you can see his Vimeo page and take a look at his other projects. He's certainly a pro.

Enjoy this trip (it really is!) and admire The Music Scene by Anthony Francisco Schepperd.

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See you soon with more music and more fluidity in movement!

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  1. Very trippy indeed. Beautiful and unabashed use of color. Thanks, Rodrigo.