Monday, April 8, 2013

Sharing Animation - Gerald McBoing Boing (UPA - Robert Cannon, 1950)

Today I wanted to share one old classic, an old and very funny classic short animation. I loved this animation since my first glance at it, since its first "words" to me, or should I say, since the first "BOING"!

Yes yes, it was time already to share Gerald McBoing Boing!

I love this animation for many reasons. First of all the story, and old classic too. Firstly it's a Dr Seuss story, and for those who don't know that name, that tells A LOT. Well want to know why? The Lorax, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Horton Hears a Who! and The Cat in the Hat rings a bell? Yup, all Dr Seuss stories, and that's just for the Feature Film cathegory. It's an odd little boy, who doesn't seem to fit anywhere. His way of being is just not understood! Well, of course that singularity of his is exactly what, in the end, will make him famous and rich and loved! An old classic, as I sad.
But I also love this animation because of the design of it, the visual aspect. The backgrounds are so simple and yet so expressive. And the characters itself are bent in ways that are just... perfectly expressive!
And the final reason why I love this animation is his special gift itself! Not only he is doing it with his voice (I love sound effects with voices! I shared one very good animation with real voice sound effects a while ago, HERE is the link for it) but also he is professionaly one thing that I find amazing, sound designer/sound mixer! Very cool stuff! But I won't ramble about it.

This is a very light short animation that I'm sure everyone will enjoy! Produced by UPA, distributed by Columbia Pictures and directed by Robert Cannon, this is a must see for all animation lovers, for sure.

Sit back for this very short 6 minutes and enjoy! Gerald McBoing Boing by Robert Cannon.

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I'll see you soon with more of this fantastic animated world!

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  1. Thanks, Rodrigo.

    The best part is when Gerald steps up to the mic and does some serious foley.

    This film also had a tremendous influence on non other than Academy Award-winning sound man and editor, Walter Murch. (See Ondaatje's, "The Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film", pp. 9, 11.)

    – TG