Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Animations - Animation Mentor Class 02: Psychology of Body Mechanics

My animation journey has taken another step! After three more months, I finished my second Class at Animation Mentor with improved skills and hopefully a good progress reel!

My mentor this Class was a fantastic artist originally from Belgium called Marlon Nowe, that today is working as a supervisor animator at Disney Animation Studios! Before that he worked at Blur Studios and at Rhythm and Hues! If you're curious you can find HERE his website and one cool thing about his website is that you can watch some of his early animations while he was a student! That for me is so valuable, it's a way for everyone to see that you have to start somewhere to go to the top! HERE you can watch his reel prior to getting into Disney, and HERE and HERE you can find his film reels for Bolt and Tangled, respectively.

It was a fantastic class and we learned so much that I'm still astonished! My love for animation has never been so big and my will to follow my dream never been so strong! I hope this term goes even better!

So here's my progress at Animation Mentor so far! I can really tell how much I'm improving each shot I animate but I want to get soooooo much further! If you never quit, you can never fail, right? Hope you enjoy this little reel! (Also includes my Class 1 shots)

So if last time I wished you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year, now I wish you all a Happy Easter!

See you in 3 more months with another progress reel!